About L’Arche in Paris

L’Arche in Paris is a social health care establishment. Since 1973 we provide a community style of life for mentally disabled adults.

For over 45 years L'Arche in Paris gives testimony to the experience of « living with ».

Men and women, with and without disabilities create fraternal bonds together at L’Arche in Paris.
Our association accompanies adults with learning disabilities in their daily life in different types of residence homes that are adapted to each one’s level of independence.

Since 1973, mentally disabled adults live with those who accompany them, salaried employees and civic service volunteers. Life shared between persons with different intellectual, social and cultural backgrounds reveals something universal about our common humanity.
Direct care support at L’Arche is all about relationships of sharing, support and mutual acknowledgment. The aim is to encourage establishing a positive image of oneself.   

L’Arche in Paris is a member of the Federation of L’Arche in France that is made up of 36 communities in various regions of France. Each L’Arche community is founded on three dimensions: community, spiritual and professional.

Our supporting housing facilities

We offer a community style of life in homes adapted to each person’s level of independence
in the 15th and 16th Paris districts

L’Arche in Paris offers persons with intellectual disabilities various possibilities to build a « home for themselves ». Our residence homes are small in size for men and women with different types of disabilities. Residents in a home, in a studio or in an independent apartment feel themselves to be in a safe personal environment. The closeness between the various residence structures offers a rich relational life together.


The supported housing facilities in the 15th district

three residence homes, a FAM (medicalized residence home), studios grouped together and a Day activity workshop program, we offer care facilities adapted to the rhythm and needs of each person.


The supported housing facilities in the 16th district

L’Arche in Paris was historically located in the 15th district and has since decided to cross the Seine river to open two residence homes in the 16th district. A total of 12 persons with intellectual disabilities live in these homes.

J’aime mon indépendance, mon job et mes amis, j’aime mon chez moi.
— Louise, Moriya

A 12-month civic service experience.

Becoming a volunteer means committing yourself to a supportive and human experience.

So why not discover and experience the adventure of being a volunteer at L’Arche in Paris? You would meet lots of wonderful people, give yourself time to build your future while acquiring a hands-on experience…for life. For your future life...

L’Arche in Paris is a social health care establishment that offers a community style of life in different types of residence homes as well as a day activity workshop program for adults with learning disabilities. As a volunteer you would be part of a team of staff members; they would be in charge of you and accompany you throughout your volunteer mission.

Being a volunteer at L’Arche in Paris comprises living a human experience in a professional framework. You would be supervised by a home leader and take on a role of accompaniment in the home for persons with disabilities while sharing daily life together.

Your mission as a volunteer would consist of participating in team meetings, taking part in household chores and the daily organization of the home as well as its community life. In order to carry out this mission satisfactorily, you would receive 80 hours of formation over the year.

You would have to be present 257 days a year. You would benefit from 4 hours of rest each day and 108 days a year of holidays. You would receive complete room and board in the home. 

You would be required to have certain skills to fulfill your mission: a sense of responsibility, team work capacity, good people skills and interest in the project of l’Arche.

Why not take the plunge in a 12-month civic service mission?! 

Minimum commitment as a volunteer at L’Arche in Paris is 12 months. You would receive a monthly allowance of approximately 470 euros. You would be housed, fed and laundered and provided with complete government-financed medical insurance.

Come and try it out during a week of discovery.

You only risk adoring it! 


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Etre unique tout le monde peut le faire !
— Citation d'une personne accueillie à L'Arche